How Many Bundles and More Tips!

How many bundles for a full head? 
Generally for 12"-14": 2 bundles, 16"-20": 3 bundles, 22"-28": 4 bundles or more.  

Can the hair be dyed and ironed? 
For virgin hair, it could be dyed and flat ironed. Please don’t exceed 150C for flat iron or the hair will be destroyed. The hair will come back to its natural state after you wash it. 

What kinds of hair care products should I use? 
Treat the hair just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner regularly. Leave the hair from getting dry naturally, do not use your hair dryer too much. You could also use gel or hair spray to keep its wave or style. 

Remember to always keep your hair conditioned very well....this prevents tangles, damages and prolongs the life of your piece.